Re: Hello, I'm a new person! Cheers!


Hello Maxwell,
I have a braille display, and the last time I check, a printer.
Can private message me if interested, and we can talk. The display is a big one, and was only used for testing it, and haven't been used since.


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Hello everyone my Name is Maxwell. I am a new person on this list. My interest is in finding a Braille display, or a Braille Printer I can use to print out or read text Books from Project Gutenberg. So if anyone has a good deal on a printer, or display that'd be good to discuss. I also like finding any tips out on using assistive technology out. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy a5 2017. I use Jaws and NVDA, mainly Jaws. I also like using Kurtzwiel! Soon I intend to obtain a Windows 10 Desktop. Hope all is good with everyone! Peace out!

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