Magnification equipment to get rid of

Reed Poynter


Listed below are the items I have to get rid of. All of the items were used
for less than 1 year. The Optelec Magnification Traveller HD with stand
wasn't used. It still has the plastic cover over the screen.
The first 3 items are quite expensive as shown on the web sites I've
included. If you can use any of them, they're going cheaply. I'm not
looking for much; just the shipping.

Optelec Power Mag + 6x/20d
(see: )

Optelec Magnification Traveller HD with stand
-reading-stand.html#overview )

Freedom Scientific Ruby 7 HD Hand Held Video Magnifier
(see: )

Coil 4 Magnifying glass
Carson magnifying glass
Floor standing 5 inch magnifying glass with light around the rim


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