Hi, have some stuff would like to sell.


Hi people,

Seasons greetings!


I have somethings listed below would like to sell.


Braille display, 80 cel with a laptop. Laptop is an asus i5, ssd, cannot remember what size/capasity,  12 gb of ram, running win7, DVD, but can do win 10. Think it is running MS. Office 13.

Can let me know. Need the money to go to fl for new year!

Worth much more, but asking $500 canadian!

also have another hp 17-inch screen laptop with ssd running win7, MS office 10, 4-gb of ram. That one I can do for $180.  do also have some other stuff like barcode scanner/id mate. All of them are in brand new conditions. Braille display has a carrying case with some manuals.





Can private message me at:



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Hi Taking this off list.


Sure, would be interested.



Either send me an email or give me a call.  Would be cool to catch up anyway!





Okay, heading off to work soon after I get the kid up.





Contact me on skype: brian.moore

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