Re: Braille Edge 40 like new

GTT Coordinator, Canadian Council Of The Blind

Hi there.

I may be interested in the braille edge.

How much would you be asking for it?

If you would like to chat off list, e-mail me at





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From: hughmcle
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2019 8:17 AM
Subject: [CCB-Tech-BuySellTrade] Braille Edge 40 like new


I have a Braille Edge 40 which I have been unable to use for unrelated reasons. 


I have had it since 2012 and though it looks to be new it needs at least one and maybe more than one software update.


I powered it up a week ago and it works fine. 


Included are cables and the AC Charger and a carry case and a very short Braille Quick Start Manual.  Everything else is on the machine itself.


I do have some packing material for shipping but I do not have the original package nor do I think I can find the original purchase documents if needed.


If interested check how you might have the device shipped and then let me know your intentions. 









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